Why Does Your Towel Smell After a Few Days?

Microfiber Terry Cloth

The weather is getting colder and colder, and when I wipe my body with a towel after a warm hot bath, I often smell an unpleasant odor. That’s because your towel is either not made of the right material, or the towel is not dried in time or placed in a dark and humid place for a long time to breed bacteria and mold. Do you want to know how to make the towel fresh and clean, not sticky? I’ll tell you

1.Choose microfiber towels

Microfiber is the best choice for towel. Microfiber material anti-odor, comfortable, compared to some other materials of towels, antibacterial and deodorant.  Microfiber adopt orange-flap technology to divide the filament into eight flaps, so that the fiber surface area increases, the pores in the fabric increase, with the capillary core suction effect to enhance the water absorption effect. Fast water absorption and fast drying become its distinctive characteristics. Cotton towels unless always disinfected with hot water and sunlight exposure, cotton is prone to bacteria. Washing the towel with soap tends to encounter hard water and the towel becomes hard. If you do not like the microfiber material, if the budget is sufficient, you can choose bamboo fiber.

2. Wash face towel to be used separately

Washing face with the towel is best not used to wipe other parts of the body, so it is easy to bring the dirt on the body to the towel, and then infect the face. If too much oil secretion on the face, it is best to use an appropriate amount of cleanser to clean the face first, and then towel dry.

3. Towels should be dried in a time after use, do not always hang in the bathroom

You should be dried after use to avoid moldy towels. Especially bath towels, after using them, and immediately taken to wash and dry. Towels try not to dry in the shade. The sun’s ultraviolet rays will play a sterilizing effect. Bathroom and damp, if we use the towel often in a damp environment, especially cotton towels, easy bacteria breed, causing odor. Towels should be diligently washed and dried.

4. regular high temperature disinfection to the towel

If cleaning cotton towels, first put the towel into boiling water for 10 minutes, then wash with soap or detergent, and finally, wash fully with water and take to the ventilation to dry. Or take them directly to the microwave oven for 5 minutes to achieve the same high-temperature disinfection effect!
If it is a microfiber towel to dirt adsorption between the fibers (rather than fiber inside), coupled with the high fiber, high density, so strong adsorption capacity, after use, use water or slightly add detergent to clean. Do not use more than 60 degrees Celsius water, which will reduce microfiber activity.

5. Soak towels with salt water or lemon water-soaked towels
 For cotton towel cleaning, boil a pot of water, and add five teaspoons of salt. At the same time, put the towel to boiling for 10 minutes. Ten minutes after the towel is out, wash with water to remove the salt. This method is not only easy, but the cotton towel will last longer!
You can also use lemon water to soak the towel for a day and then wash it repeatedly with water so that there will be no odor. This method is suitable for microfiber towels.

7.Wash the towel with vinegar and soda

Whether it’s cotton towels or microfiber, using vinegar or baking soda to remove the smell is also a good choice! Add two spoons of white vinegar to the washing machine. After cleaning, you can then add a little laundry soap or soda to continue cleaning. You can effectively remove the odor!

8. Change towels regularly

In order to ensure the quality of use, the towel replacement cycle is best once every three months. Because of the microfiber’s strength and toughness, its service life is more than four times the life of ordinary towels. Many times after washing, it remains unchanged. At the same time, polymer fibers will not produce protein hydrolysis like cotton fibers, even after the use of non-drying, and will not mold or rot, with a long life.

Microfiber towels compared with ordinary towel’s distinctive features.

9. No hair loss.
High-strength combined fiber filament is not easy to break using the fine weaving method, not draw, not of the ring. Fiber also does not easily fall off the towel’s surface. It is especially suitable for wiping bright paint surfaces, plating surfaces, glass, instruments, LCD screens, etc. In the process of car film cleaning treatment of glass, it can achieve the ideal film effect.

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