What Is Microfiber Cloth and Where to Buy Microfiber Cloth

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I end up writing this article because many have been asking me questions like: What is a microfiber cloth? Or Where to buy microfiber cloths? and the like. Well, I thought that writing an article and answering these questions will help a lot of people from anywhere in the world to better understand this wonderful product.

My aim for this article is to provide a better explanation of how useful microfiber cloths are. So, without further adieu, let us start our journey to better understand microfiber products.

Familiarizing Microfiber Cloths and Knowing Where to Get One


Microfibers are used for so many cleaning purposes whether at home, at work or even for personal hygiene. Technically, a microfiber cloth is made of very fine synthetic split fibers, usually 1 denier or less. In fact, it is said to be thinner than strands of silk. In comparison, the thickness of microfiber is 1/100 that of human hair and 1/20 that of a strand of silk.

As a result, a microfiber towel provides a huge amount of surface area, which makes it super absorbent. The material can absorb water seven times its own weight. Microfiber cloths are usually manufactured using a blend of nylon and polyester. Both materials are forced through a very tiny pipe. As a result, the fibers will come out woven together in a yarn. It will then be split into microfibers that are 20 times smaller.

I have found so many microfiber cloth suppliers online nowadays. When I search the internet, it will redirect me to e-commerce pages that offer microfiber cloths. I tend to look for retail microfibers on Amazon, Ebays and any similar e-commerce platforms.

I always choose to purchase microfibers from a reliable vendor to ensure the quality of the cloth I get. Most of the best microfiber towels come from China. The country is the leading supplier of microfibers in the world. So, I always make sure that I choose a retailer that has a connection to a microfiber cloth manufacturer in China. As a result, I always get the best microfiber cleaning cloths for my cleaning needs.

I also have a suggested manufacturer that is worth checking out which is https://www.pattexgroup.com. However, they only cater to wholesale orders so what I did is I look for retailers that purchase their microfiber products from my preferred manufacturer. I accomplish this by asking questions to the seller first before purchasing.

For retailers, I highly suggest that you start sourcing your microfiber cloths from Pattex. The company can provide a fast production and quick delivery time. Retailers won’t have to worry about holidays as Pattex ensures that it can’t affect their delivery.

Different Uses of Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


I have microfiber towels that I use to clean my house and find to be very effective. There are different ways I can recommend how it can be used in cleaning, such as:

Cleaning Glass Surfaces

I used ordinary cloth when cleaning my glass windows and tables at home. But I noticed that it left tiny fibers on the glass surface. I discovered that using a microfiber cloth instead produces a better result because it leaves glasses shiny, clear, and streak-free.

When I clean glass surfaces, I just dampen them up with a cleaning solution and just scrub the surfaces clean. I also use another microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe the surface dry. The softness of the microfiber cloth is gentle on my windows, which I love the most.

Sometimes I also just use the cloth dry and wipe it through the glass. Even the cleaning cloths for our eyeglasses are made up of microfiber material. The small fibers of the product clean our eyeglasses and make them clear for us to see better.

Auto Detailing

Aside from cleaning my home, I also find microfiber cloths best for cleaning my car, both the exterior and interior. Whenever I use a microfiber cloth on my car, I am confident that it will be cleaned properly without damaging my car’s exterior and interior surfaces. And on top of that, it is highly efficient in removing all the dust from my car.

I can clean and sanitize my car’s upholstery using a microfiber cloth. The product can also be used to clean my car’s exterior surfaces, especially the hood and tires.

It is also the reason why I opt to buy my microfiber cleaning cloths from Pattex Textile as they make their microfiber cloths gentle on my car’s surface. I also love the colors they offer, which makes it hard for me to choose just one. In the end, I ended up buying multiple colors of microfiber.

In fact, I have read an article from Forbes about a list of Best Car Cleaning Kits for 2022. In that article, I saw that almost every car cleaning kit consists of a microfiber cloth.

Sanitizing Bathrooms

I personally am very meticulous when it comes to sanitizing my bathroom. The bath is the place in our home where we get cleaned up. So, we should ensure that it is free of bacteria. Since microfiber is made up of split microfiber, it can attach not only to dust and dirt but even bacteria will be wiped away.

Now I am confident that my bathroom is not only squeaky clean on the surface but also bacteria-free. I even suggested this trick to my family and friends to help them make their bathrooms to be bacteria-free just like mine.

Cleaning Your Kitchen

I used to clean my kitchen surfaces using paper towels. However, this material isn’t sustainable, so I searched for an alternative. Since I’ve been using microfiber to clean different parts of my house, I purchased a new set to be used in my kitchen. The product is very effective in removing grease without using too much detergent. It is also what I use for wiping my dishes dry.

I’m glad I use microfiber. It offers a better solution than using a paper towel. Since then, I know that I have helped the environment by choosing to use a reusable product to clean my kitchen.


Use as A Bath and Hair Towels

The highly absorbent microfiber material cuts my hair drying time in half. Naturally, drying human hair could take hours. It is why using a microfiber hair towel helps me a lot in saving time. Additionally, I won’t have to rub my hair to dry it off. Rubbing our hair can cause damage and breakage. I discovered that microfiber is the gentlest way to dry my hair.

So, I highly recommend it as a way to quickly dry our hair without damaging it. I also love using microfiber bath towels as they are very gentle on my skin and absorb moisture very quickly. The highlight of my bathtime routine is wrapping myself in a soft microfiber towel.

Use Microfiber to Wipe Your Belongings

Aside from the surfaces, I can also use a microfiber cloth to clean my personal belongings, such as my bags, belts, shoes, and even pieces of jewelry. By using a microfiber cloth, I can preserve the beauty of my things for a long time.

The same with my gadgets, every time I use a cotton cloth to clean my bags, I always notice that it leave lint and streaks. But not with microfiber cloth

How To Care For Your Microfiber Towels


Another thing that I love about microfiber cleaning cloths is that they are easy to take care of. I can clean my microfiber cloths with just clean water. I clean mine with water and add some of my favorite cleaning products and disinfectants.

Sometimes I opt to wash my microfiber in a washing machine. But, I need to ensure that I use warm water when washing it. Hot water that is 60 degrees or higher can damage the materials, which makes them less effective.

I notice that microfiber catches lint easily, and when it does, it is very difficult to remove. So, I avoid mixing the microfiber with lint-producing clothes inside the washer as it always leave lint sticking on the microfiber cloths. Microfibers become less effective when they catch some lint.

When washing my microfiber, I ensure to only use mild laundry detergent. I also avoid using bleach or fabric softeners to ensure that the quality of the material will last longer.

When it comes to drying my microfiber, I love air-drying it. Microfiber clothes can dry quickly, which is why air-drying won’t be a problem. But sometimes, I toss it on my dryer as long as I ensure I won’t use high heat. I tumble it dry on a low-heat setting to avoid damaging the fine fibers.

The same as washing, I also avoid mixing it with lint-producing fabrics to keep the microfiber lint-free. I like using dryer balls rather than sheets to remove the static.

Why Might You Want to Switch to Microfiber?



Personally, the number one reason why I switched to microfiber myself is its effectiveness in cleaning any type of surface inside and outside of my home. Additionally, I also love the fact that they are durable. That means that I can use them for a long time. As a result, I can save money from cleaning fabric purchases.



Microfiber material is really soft to the touch. And since it is softer than other textiles, I likely won’t damage any surfaces. I clean my home, car, belongings, and even myself without worrying. As of writing, I am not using any cotton cloths for cleaning at all. All of my cleaning cloths are made from microfiber fabrics.



Cotton cloths don’t soak up dirt as effectively as microfiber does. When I use cotton cloths when cleaning, I will be needing a lot of detergent or chemicals to remove dirt and grime. Using the cotton cloth alone will only end up spreading the dirt and making a bigger mess.



Microfiber cloths are the most popular cleaning cloths nowadays. It even surpasses the popularity of cotton cleaning fabrics. Those are the reasons why I decided to switch.

Is Microfiber For You?

I have come to a conclusion in my life after reading about microfibers and trying them myself. I’ve concluded that Microfiber cloths can provide me with a better cleaning result than my traditional cotton cleaning cloth. I believe that microfiber is the most underrated household essential. That is why I often recommend it to my family and friends.

Using microfiber might be the solution to our household cleaning problems. So, try using one first and see how amazing it is.

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