The Production Process of Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber Diamond Cloth

I know you will be curious about how microfiber is produced, here is a brief description of my microfiber cleaning cloth production process。

Wet polyester slices through screening, crystallization, slicing, and drying. The thermoplastic resin melted or mixed melt in the hot airflow extrusion refinement. The trapping device integrated network eventually formed non-woven fabric and spinning, guiding, POY winding and forming, DTY silk dyeing, and contracting when the ultra-fine fibers are spun into white yarn. Yarn through the loom woven into cloth, dyeing, drying, cutting into any shape, sewing, packaging, and finally, a finished microfiber cleaning cloth is completed.

Why microfiber is the best choice for cleaning.

Performance: The cleaning cloth made of microfiber has a more complex three-dimensional space structure, which can absorb more liquid or dust because of its 

(The fiber line density is low and soft without causing damage to the wiping surface, so it is suitable for cleaning cloths for advanced glassware or precision instruments.) Due to the higher density of fine microfiber fibers, the surface area increases, improving the fluffiness and coverage of the fabric is also conducive to improving its absorption properties (water absorption, oil absorption, etc.).

Cost: The same gram of microfiber can absorb 5 times more water than cotton. Therefore, it will save 5 times the cost of raw materials for the same purpose. The life of a cotton towel is 2-3 months, while microfiber towels can be used for 3-6 months and can be machine-washed 500 times.

Microfiber disadvantages: the fabric absorbs more pulp desizing difficulties, dyeing easy uneven, dye consumption, for black dye is not easy to fix color and other problems.

Purchase of microfiber in several transportation methods

Purchase of microfiber in several transportation methods

Sea freight: Choosing sea freight is currently the cheapest way, but microfiber towels, large volume, lightweight, is a throwaway good. The only requirement for choosing sea freight is that the value of the goods is higher than 2000 U.S. dollars, otherwise, the shipping company refuses to accept it.

Express/air freight: This is the fastest way, but the price will be very high, often this kind of freight is much higher than the value of goods unless it is to catch up with the delivery date, before the holiday or promotion day, the sea can not catch up. Otherwise, this is not recommended.

Train: The train is suitable for European countries, from China to different European countries respectively, between 15-35 days, the efficiency of the train will be slightly higher than the sea, are the price will also be much higher.

Multi purpose microfiber cloth

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