The Best Way to Clean the Grime off Your Tech

microfiber cleaning cloth

You probably have at least a few smudged screens sitting around. Whether it’s a smartphone,tablet, eReader, TV, or monitor, use a Pattex Textile microfiber cloth. They’re soft and won’t scratch your screens. Skip scratchy paper towels.
Most dirt and debris will wipe away easily with a dry cloth. For stubborn smudges and fingerprints, lightly dampen the cloth with distilled water. Never pour or spray water directly onto a screen, and stay away from glass cleaner too. You can use a mixture of water in a 1⁃to⁃1 ratio with white vinegar or rub⁃bing alcohol for a deeper clean. The picture on the right is Pattex Textile professional eyeglasses cleaning cloth

Your computer, TV, and other gear have small ports that collect dust and dirt, too. You can try cotton scabs, but they may leave fuzz and lint. Your best bet is microfiber silk cloths and dust plugs. If you are interested in Microfiber Cloth for electrical products, Pattex Textile will give you professional guidance. 

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Pattex Textile recommends that you use it as follows: 1. Get started, disconnect it from your computer and take out the batteries. If it’s wireless, turn
it off and take out the batteries.

2. Turn the mouse upside down and continuously roll the wheel to loosen anything that may be stuck inside, then grab an alcohol wipe or microfiber cloth moist electronics cleaner.

3. Like with your mouse, disconnect your keyboard. If it’s wireless, switch it off. For laptop key⁃boards, shut the device down and disconnect the power cord.

For grabbing stuck⁃on dust, a piece of tape hold tautly or the sticky side of a Post⁃it note works wonders. Next, gently wipe the tops of the keys with a microfiber cloth or a disinfectant wipe. Skip wipes with bleach or any other harsh chemicals, as they can ruin the keys. Don’t plug your keyboard back in or power it up until it’s fully dry. A little dampness can cause big problems and permanent⁃ly ruin electronic devices once power is flowing.

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