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Microfiber hair towel is one of the best tools for absorbing and drying your hair; whether you have curly, long or short hair, a hair towel can solve the drying problem. Microfiber material stands out among a range of materials because of its strong absorbency and super softness, by the way, microfiber comes with antibacterial ability. Compared with the cotton material dry hair towel, microfiber dry hair towel is more slim and gentle than cotton, reduce friction brings hurt to hair. As to what material towel is most suitable for drying hair, no doubt it is microfiber dry hair towel. Because the hair scales are in the open state during the hair in the wet, when wet hair more fragile, especially violence with hair dryer hair easy to make hair frizz and split ends; Therefore, after washing hair, we do not recommend use of hair dryer directly, the correct steps as follow: at first, choose to wear microfiber hair towel, this will natural absorb 60% of the moisture on the hair, for women to prevent frizz, dry hair with microfiber hair towel, will not rub your hair and causes breakage, reduces frizz and breakage, is gentle and safe, and  more healthier for quick drying.

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Microfiber Hair Towel - Breathing Towel

Microfiber material hair towel, adopt 80/20 polyester and polyamide compiled, microfiber as a new generation of synthetic fibers, it is a high-quality textile materials. The fiber fineness is 1/200 of hair silk, is the ordinary chemical fiber 1/20, fiber strength is 5 times the ordinary fiber (durability), adsorption capacity, water absorption speed and water absorption is 7 times the ordinary fiber. Because the density of fiber is very small, more voids, the formation of microporous structure, microporous fabric within the voids dense and more, fabric ultra-high density, light, washed hair with this towel can quickly absorb water, let the hair breathe freely, there will be no stuffy feeling.

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Microfiber Hair Towel - Simple Operation

Compared to ordinary cotton towels, microfiber hair towel is easier to use. Designed specifically for women, for quick drying and smoothing of scales, our lightweight hair towel pack is super easy to use; whether you have long hair, short hair, curly hair, wavy curls or straight hair wrapped into a front or back swirl, draped or simple bun just wrap your hair and twist before snapping to the front clasp, the microfiber hair towel fits snugly on your head, whether you are cooking or cleaning in the meantime, it will not come loose because of any movement.

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Microfiber Hair Towel -Ultra-light Material

For the cervical vertebrae, bad female friends will worry about hair towels being heavy because the neck will be hurt to wear heavy hair towels or feel uncomfortable. On this point, you can rest assured to use, due to the fiber thread density is very small, more gaps, shaped fabric ultra-high density, light material, is popular in customers.

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What Should We Pay Attention to When Buying Microfiber Hair Towel


In general, our manufacturers are to provide customers with a common size: 25x65cm, 25x68cm. There are also customers have their own needs for size, especially for women with thick and long hair, large towels better wrap the hair, this had a better effect.  Compared with short hair or normal hair women, a large hair towel will be redundant and will slip off because there is not enough hair to support the cap. So choose a small size.

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The shape of the dry hair cap is very important, Pattex textile’s Microfiber hair towel is tapered as default, after wrapping the head to the remaining hair well wrapped and coiled on the head, designed with buttons and elastic band , convenient and firm, will not fall apart because of various activities. Some microfibe hair towel is rectangular, the size is similar to a child’s bath towel. Most are made with elastic edges, buckle straps or buttons that help them stay in place.

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The final choice of fabric is important. Pattex Textile has dual pile microfiber hair towel, coral fleece hair towel, silk hair towel, microfiber ant hair towel, different hair towel have different advantages. The following is a summary of the advantage or strength.

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  • Dual pile microfiber hair towel, this is a hot sale on Amazon with a moderate price.
  • Multipurpose.That is Dual Pile (Side) Long Pile & Low Pile hair towel. 350GSM, one side can wipe hair, one side wipes face.
  • Our waffle fabric hair towel is super absorbent, 380GSM. Thicker than dual pile, the price is higher than dual pile.
  • Suitable for high-volume hair.
  • The raised pattern provides more surface area for absorption and drying.
  • The waffle hair towel is fixed with an elastic band, which is very convenient for makeup, taking a bath and washing your face, and avoiding hair slipping off.
  • 380GMS, high weight hair towel.
  • It is especially suitable for curly, fragile and damaged hair.
  • Help reduce dry hair time while minimizing frizz and hair damage.
    Not easy to deformation and mildew
  • Thick, curly or coarse hair prone to split ends  
  • Silk towels not only help reduce friction, but also reduce frizziness in certain curls and waves  
  • Protect the capillaries in wet hair 

Let’s start to order Pattex textiel microfiber hair towel. Pattex Textile would like to share all the good stuff about microfiber with you, whether you like tropical style featuring palm leaves or South African flamingos as a pattern, Pattex Textile can customize it for you.

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