The Best Choice for Washing and Detailing Car-Microfiber Car Cloths

Most of the time we do car cleaning, especially the interior of the car, may use paper towels or wet wipes to simply wipe, but the car’s dust, bacteria and not effectively removed clean, instead of long-term in a semi-closed space, but easy to breed bacteria breeding, imagine, if we eat burgers and fries in the car, food residue will fall into the seat crevices, it is difficult to clean out if there is no professional Vacuum cleaner with car cleaning cloth obviously make effective cleaning car is very difficult. A handheld vacuum cleaner will be far more expensive than ordinary cleaning appliances, but a microfiber cleaning cloth is really a better choice. Microfiber cloth is popular in the cleaning industry. With the subdivision of products, more and more microfiber products are derived from microfiber towels and microfiber mops. Microfiber cloth makes it easy to clean your car without using any chemicals. Not only are they effective at cleaning, but they’re also environmentally friendly! This keeps your car clean, and it will also protect the paint job from scratches. You can find microfiber car cloths at most automotive stores. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using a microfiber car cloth and recommend some of our favorite products.

Microfibre Cloth-Practical Tools for Car

After a new car comes over for a period of time, because of the use of the problem, rainy days are prone to mold and so on will produce an unpleasant smell in the car, which can not be removed by vacuum cleaners, at this time, many families will choose to put a freshener or car perfume to cover up the smell. In the long run, the situation will become worse. The most effective way is to prepare a few microfiber cleaning towels in the car, and wipe them at any time. Microfiber is extracted from plastic debris, an effective solution to plastic pollution and other problems, and waste to treasure as a cleaning towel, both the price and performance are far superior to ordinary cotton material. Because the microfiber itself with antibacterial factor, the dust particles on the surface of the object are like a magnet adsorbed in the cleaning cloth. Only need to use water to rinse the stain, microfiber wipes are also clean as new. And microfiber cleaning cloth is made of a fiber woven 100 times finer than a hair, absorbent and softness far beyond other materials. After our manual repeated tests, the degree of wear and tear and hair loss is excellent performance. In the rain, we highly recommend laying a microfiber mat,that can effectively wipe the shoes on the water and can also play the most useful to prevent mold.

Multi-functional Cleaning Towel

So what cleaning cloth is more suitable for wiping the interior of your car? Pattex Textile suggests you use our multi-functional cleaning towel. There are two kinds of towels is multi-functional, Microfiber KTL Towels and Microfiber Terry Towels

Microfiber KTL Towel, 350gsm, soft and lint-free, is popular among professional car cleaning service providers because it can polish and wipe the interior screen grease, handprints, dust, etc. This towel is woven by a Contler machine because they are woven by different machines, they are also named by machines, This towel can wipe the glass without watermarks, so it is of premium quality, and the price will be higher than other microfiber terry cloths. Pattex Textile is a 14 years manufacturer, we have enough capacity to meet customers requirements. Pattex Textile wants to focus on microfiber products, provide partners with the premium towel, and help more automotive shops, stores, and salons grow business.

Microfiber Terry Cloth, in general, 30 by 30 inches is very common. these cloths are for cleaning the underside of the car, the grease.

Microfiber Cloth Factory-Pattex Textile

Most buyers would like to buy microfiber products directly from the manufacturers in China, not a trader, compare to the trader, the manufacturer will be more professional and more sensitive to product changes in the market. Pattex Textile has two production lines to ensure our partners receive microfiber products or microfiber fabric on time. So we serve multiple Amazon stores, different types of dealers, sports industries, and supermarket chains, we can custom package, and compare customer target market’s differences, offer differentiated products, and we know what buyers care about, these services and ability enable our customers and us to achieve a double success situation.

We provide more options for product customization and various packaging design template and more logistic solutions for shipments in different quantities.

How to Choose Best Microfiber Car Cloth

As a manufacturer here are some suggestions on buying microfiber cloth: gram weight (can be understood as thickness, which then represents the weight of each square meter of fabric), fabric composition (the market default 80 polyester + 20 nylon as the raw material for microfiber, but some factories will use 90 polyester + 10 nylon, or even 100% polyester in order to compress costs, nylon is greatly sacrificed to reduce the (Absorbent qualities, a cleaning cloth becomes poorly absorbent, use the effect rather poor), and finally the height of the pile head, like some abrasive cleaning cloth, or twisted into a spiral cleaning cloth, greatly increased the height of the pile surface, improve the softness, drying or polishing car, the effect is greatly enhanced.

How do we choose good quality microfiber car cloth?

The polishing car to choose more than 350gsm cleaning cloth, the greater the grammage, in the dry, polishing dust removal effect is also better.

  • Size: general cleaning cloth size is 30 * 30, for drying car body, such size is still too small, we recommend choosing 40 * 40cm or larger size.
  • Its microfiber texture gives excellent results on any wet or dry surface. ✔
  • Thanks to its high absorbency, you can dry it in one go. ✔
  • It definitely leaves no lint/hair/stain.✔
  • Color selection to meet all your colors options  
  • Yellow for wiping the exterior of the car
  • Blue for windows and mirrors.
  • Black for wheels, tires and door frames.
  • orange or red for the interior, and screens.
  • The premier multi-purpose lint-free, streak-free, scratch-free, tag-free towel is the choice of carwashes and auto dealers everywhere for drying, scrubbing, wiping, dusting and polishing.
  • Wide range of uses: wet for general cleaning, wet for scrubbing heavily soiled areas, dry for dusting.

Pattex Textile as a microfiber cloths company in china, we hope our produce microfiber products help more partners who need to offer safety and reasonable price products

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