Notes on Buying Microfiber Cloths

microfiber towel

In the market, the most common microfiber cleaning cloth we see is the one for polishing, stain removal, wiping the object’s surface with a cleaning solution, and so on. But with professional car wash service companies, you will see more cleaning clothes in cleaning companies. For example, if you want to import cleaning cloths or towels, you need material, effect, and some brand names (like Rag company), then we will discuss the aspects of edge treatment, material, and gram weight.Remove some internal cleaning sealant; that’s what I call gsm, or how thick the weight is.

Multi purpose microfiber cloth


I often receive some inquiries; customers will consult us about edgeless microfiber cleaning cloth, and there is no doubt that this is laser cut. Why do you like laser cutting?

The first is the price issue, because of the same material weight, color, and size, the cost of laser cutting is lower than the price of the overlock of the edge of the package.

Second, for the car, wax, and polishing businesses, edgeless clean cloth relative to the lock will not cause friction on the car or damage the paint.

Weight(some people also said: thickness of the pile)

Gram weight is how many grams of fabric per square meter; the higher the gram weight, the thicker the material.

Some customers may ask, “Is it true that the higher the gram weight, the better the product is?

A: No. How much do various cleaning cloths or towels correspond to the towel application? If drying or polishing the car, high grams of water absorption and polishing effect will be better. Still, if applied to a microfiber hair towel, the weight is too high to wear in the hair is very heavy, and it will get the opposite effect.


Microfiber towels, and clean cloth, will have blended in raw materials. Generally, a good towel is a polyester and polyamide blended yarn, polyester microfiber towel structure and intensity, polyamide microfiber towel softness, flexibility, and water absorption, if the mix is 80/20, 80 % is polyester, polyamide is 20%, or 70/30. 70% polyester, 30% polyamide. Most good towels are 80/20; perfect towels are 70/30 blends. Here’s a caveat: When we say 80/20, we’re not talking about the whole towel or cleaning cloth, but the lint on the towel, not the backing cloth. The backing cloth support function of the fabric, so the material content is not 80/20.


Several factors affect the cleaning cloth and microfiber towel: edge treatment, gram weight, the third is composition of raw materials, the last is size, and how big you need towel or cleaning cloth. This is also the main factor affecting the price.

From the weave shape, we call it a terry wave; terry wave microfiber towel is a general purpose towel, and 300gsm towel is pretty standard in rag company this America brand. If you would like the same style of cloth, here is our product.

Microfiber Terry Cloth 4

Someone asked me about an eagle microfiber towel. Overall, it’s fluffy. It can use to wipe wax. It can be used to spray protectors; it can be used as a no-rinse detergent. Some businesses have different grams of towels, 350gsm; if you prefer thicker ones, there are 600gsm and 500gsm. So if you have a high-end car and need to apply wax after renting, such as last-step protection, drying aid, or something similar, and you want to use spray protection, these are perfect because they are plush so that they won’t scratch or damage your paint.

They are so good; not only are they 70/30 blends, and they are circular knit, that’s how the knitting is or the weave. 

If you also want the same towel at a reasonable price, pls check this our Microfiber coral fleece towel.

microfiber coral fleece towel 11

Glass towel

It is so important to have dedicated glass towels if you don’t want any streaking (in rag company); waffle weave glass towels, is an 80/20blends and 380 gsm waffle weave towels pick up your glass.

It leaves a streak-free finish, and it’s essential to have dedicated tools.

Here is our waffle towel, if you have interested, click it.

Another one is a diamond weave microfiber towel with 280gsm. This one here is made to reduce dry drag, so it glides a lot better than traditional microfiber towels on glass. It’s made to stop the towel from bunching up right. Sometimes you are cleaning glass. All that friction bunches the towel up as well. This type of weave, the diamond weave, reduces that dry drag. 

Here is our microfiber diamond cloth, if you have interested, click it.

In addition to these, for glass cleaning, we also recommend 3M pearl cloth and polishing cloth, are recommended for glass cleaning.

Microfiber drying towel (rag company alternative)

We have also been consulted about providing cleaning cloths made of chamois material, so gone are the days when you didn’t want to use chamois, which is an old technique for paint and scratches and breaks the finish, as most of the scratches on people’s paint usually come from the cleaning or drying phase. If you want to find a good quality dry towel, called gauntlet microfiber towel abroad, it was weaved by the Kuttler machine. We call it KTL cloth in china. It is 70/30 blended, 900 GSM microfiber suede edge, so it will not damage the paint. It is also a kind of distorted ring microfiber towel dry, so the distortion of the superfine fiber is the most absorption type, so why it is very suitable for the vehicle’s dry towel, have different sizes, so it is a 20 x 30 inches, Perfect for a whole car, or even more oversized towels if you like.

microfiber ktl cloth 6

Creature edgeless (dual pile 420gsm)


Dual pile weave, so 420gsm 70/30 kind of terry weave, and we call it double pile because on one side that you can see if I flip it around you are going to see so the same towel has a shorter pile side, so it’s suitable for quick detailers application of spray protection for use with waterless washes as well. So it is very soft; you have access to both sides so that you can use one for the application on the shorter side, and then you flip to the clean and dry fluffier side if you want to buff off to a streak-free finish, so this is another very versatile towel.

Click the link to have a check dual-pile microfiber towel.

Dual Pile Microfiber Cloth

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