Wholesale Microfiber Yoga Towel

Do you want to be a distributor for Microfiber  Yoga Towel? Pattex Textile will help you reshape your microfiber product, here is everything you need to know about wholesale microfiber yoga towels.

Advantages of Ordering Microfiber Yoga Towel from Pattex Textile

Fast Turnaround

Powerful automatic production equipment, greatly speeding up production. Delivered in 20 working days

Material Selection

We choose tested raw materials and certified materials to ensure that they are qualified from the source  

Design Free

Just pay a wholesale microfiber towel price, and get the free designs you want for your ideal microfiber towel.

High Precision

Tighter tolerances up to ±0.005″ (0.127cm) Advanced cutting process, no material waste

Quality Control

Our QC department performs strong quality assurance. Ensure every piece of microfiber cloth is verified.

Sample Free

You only need to pay the express and we can give our microfiber towels as samples for free

Reasonable Price Bespoker Microfiber Yoga Towel

Whether you’re looking for microfiber yoga towel with original designs or one-of-a-kind microfiber cloth for your brand, we’ve got you covered.

Our mature supply chain & flexible production enable us to provide you one of the most cost-effective private label yoga towel.

From material selection, weight customization, and shape design to logo printing and even bespoke packaging, we can help you create custom lines of microfiber cloth to satisfy your market.

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Download Catalog of Pattex Textile

Do you want to know more about Pattex Textile products, maybe you would like to get information about microfiber car cleaning cloths, microfiber hair towels, etc. Here is a PDF format , just leave your mail and get download catalog.

Hot products according to our clients feedback

We know to maximize the user experience and life of microfiber towels. At the same time, we constantly try to develop new microfiber products. Gathering and sharing our market data with our partners. Below are the dry polished towels for cars that our customers have highly rated

Looking for a reliable and fast supplier of production and microfiber products?

We have advanced cutting machines and unparalleled in-house efficiency to ensure your microfiber is shipped on time, every time.

Our products are manufactured to a high standard, going through a complex process from the purchase of raw materials to the weaving and finally the processing of the finished product.

No matter what size, gram weight, edge finish, or fine OEM packaging you need, we’ll confirm a quote for production with you as soon as possible.

From manufacturing and shipping Process

Pattex Textile Factory

step 1: textile lining

Pattex Textile Factory

step 2: Dyed

Pattex Textile Factory

step 3: sewing line

Pattex Textile Package

step 4: Packing

"Pattex Textile is our best custom microfiber towel partner for helping us beyond expression by getting us high-quality towels, at an affordable price, with incredible turnaround times. In addition, Pattex helped us improve our overall product design, thanks!"
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Harry Bernard

The Knowledge of Microfiber Yoga Towel Supplier

What is a yoga towel for?

Microfiber yoga towels are mainly covered on yoga mats, because they are sweat-absorbent, light, antibacterial, and non-slip design, making them a good substitute for outdoor yoga mats. Even when the trainer is sweating, it will not slip due to sweat.

Wholesale Yoga Towel from Real Manufacturer

I know it takes a lot of your effort and time to find a yoga towel manufacturer with good price and high quality, and sometimes you are exhausted because the samples are made or the samples made do not meet your requirements. Choose Pattex Textile, we can supply you custom sample, if you need specifical type, you need pay 10-30usd sample fee. We can meet your custom idea.

Why You will Choose a Yoga Towel Manufacturer

Now the epidemic impact and the energy crisis caused by the war are tough for entrepreneurs or wholesalers. Choose the factory to import yoga towels, you can minimize the price, and the factory delivery cycle to be fast, you can quickly receive finished products.

What will you test when buying samples

The content of microfiber

Most of the microfiber towel on the market is 80% polyester, and 20% nylon, for the content of microfiber, you can go to the local testing agency and get report.

Water absorption
High-quality microfiber yoga towel has good water absorption, you can sprinkle water on the table, wipe with microfiber yoga towel, and see if there are water stains back on the table.

The ability of anti-slip
After the yoga towel is designed with silicone, mainly to prevent the yoga towel from sliding on the yoga mat, especially if the trainer does some big movements, a good yoga towel can be fixed on the mat.

Stitching density
Whether the stitching around the yoga towel is fine, if the stitching is sparse represents the yoga towel sewing is not wear-resistant, easy to take off the thread after a long time.