Whether you are wholesale microfiber towels to supply hotel towels, beauty salon towels, car salon towels, polishing and detailing, choosing a high-quality microfiber towel supplier is the first step. We can customize all kinds towels, cut into any lace, and customize any color and weight. Pattex Textile microfiber towels are known for their ability to capture dirt and clean, whether wiping face, body or as a wipe for golf, football, sports equipment, cars, and the soft fibers provide maximum care to wiping surfaces. When you looking for the right cleaning towels, it’s important to consider the quality. You want to choose a microfiber towel with dense fibers. This ensures that the towel performs better than a less dense towel. The most important Pattex Textile has a design team for details and more! Our range of microfiber towels includes sports towels, hotel towels, beauty salon towels, yoga mat towels, pet towels, car towels and more. We offer towels in a variety of sizes, colors and weight – buy our microfiber towels today.

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