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Advantages Of Ordering Microfiber Gym Towel From Pattex Textile

Fast Turnaround

Powerful automatic production equipment, greatly speeding up production. Delivered in 20 working days

Design Free

Just pay a wholesale microfiber towel price, and get the free designs you want for your ideal microfiber towel.

Quality Control

Our QC department performs strong quality assurance. Ensure every piece of microfiber cloth is verified.

Sample Free

You only need to pay the express and we can give our microfiber towels as samples for free

Custom Gym Towel with Your Requirement. We Serviced Hundreds of buyers, grow with them.

Dozens of textile machines, 80+ skilled workers to ensure your products with high accuracy and 0 defective goods

You need to send your brand logo to achieve a one-stop service from selection recommendation, custom design, promotion of free samples, design and custom packaging, etc. 

All the steps will be debriefed and confirmed with you to ensure you don’t miss any important information.

Contact us and get a free sample now!

Pattex Textile Customer said

One of Pattex Textile clients from US

"I am satisfied that Pattex provides us with microfiber gym towels. My Amazon store has almost 0 bad reviews, and they are really high-quality products!"

Kevin Peterson

How Do We Produce Microfiber Gym Towel

From manufacturing and shipping Process

Pattex Textile Factory

step 1: textile lining

Pattex Textile Factory

step 2: Dyed

Pattex Textile Factory

step 3: sewing line

Pattex Textile Package

step 4: Packing

"Pattex Textile is our best custom microfiber towel partner for helping us beyond expression by getting us high-quality towels, at an affordable price, with incredible turnaround times. In addition, Pattex helped us improve our overall product design, thanks!"
Pattex Textile customer
Harry Bernard