Hello, nice to meet you! We are Pattex Textile, which has been engaged in microfiber fabric for 14 years.  

As a buyer, I bet you’d like to know the inside secrets of the textile industry. Here are a few tips in my E-book when you purchase you need to know to avoid financial loss.

What’s in my E-book?

  • We will teach you how to buy products in China.
  • The development of China’s textile foreign trade.
  • Product Trend
  • Secrets of the textile industry you didn’t know

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E-book include reality case.A great deal of content is published by authoritative organizations.
Pattex Textile customer

“Thanks to Pattex Textile, After strict test for our first cooperation, the speed of water absorption is faster than that of previous suppliers. Their sales staff is very professional, and the customer feedback that there is no deformation after machine washing, I will always cooperate with them.”

Harry Bernard CEO
pattex textile customer

“We are a chain shop for car cleaning service, I purchased towels of different styles for car cleaning from their factory and customized the size and thickness of towels we need from them, which are very consistent with our requirements. Most importantly, it absorbs water, is easy to clean, and does not shed hair, which our staff love buy their towels.” 

Guillermo Romo

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