Is microfiber good for a beach towel and how to find a beach towel manufacturer

microfiber beach towel

At the end of a summer day, I spend my holiday with my friend and have a BBQ on the beach. Then my friend take a huge beach towel, its cotton material and a little bit heavy. When we finished our party, the beach towel was wet with lots of sand. My friend tries to shake off the sands, sands are really a trouble struggle. A big-size beach towel is really convenient if we stay on the beach.

As to the material, we don’t think cotton is the best choice for the beach. after we go to the market and find microfiber material, when I touch it, I have not found any big difference. But when I picked up the whole microfibre towel, I found that the material was much lighter than the cotton beach towel. The guide soon explained to me that this material could quickly absorb water from our bodies and did not take up sand. My friend and I each bought one to take with us on our next camping trip. I soon went to the beach with my friend on the weekend to pick up small seafood, I took my microfibre beach towel with me, compared with other friends’ cotton beach towels, the same size, not only light and save the space occupied when folded, his suitcase is basically half occupied by the cotton beach towel, while my suitcase, microfibre only occupies a small space. I also learned that microfibre is anti-bacterial and is more anti-bacterial than cotton in the same damp conditions. If you ask me what material is best for beach towels, my answer is microfibre and more and more mills are starting to develop renewable microfibre, regarding renewable materials.

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Do microfiber towels repel sand?

Yes, The microfiber is so compact that sand cannot get into the gaps in the microfiber threads. The microfiber is 100 times finer than our hair, so sand particles are too large to adhere to the beach towel. All you need to do is shake your beach towel gently and the sand will easily fall off your beach towel. At the same time, the microfibre beach towel is breathable, so you won’t feel stuffy when you sit on it, and it increases the surface area for contact, so you can drape it over your body when you come back from surfing and quickly absorb the moisture.

Where can wholesale microfiber beach towels

Microfiber beach towel is the original sand-free beach towel company from Australia.These brand beach towels are fashionable and of good quality. If you are looking to buy a beach towel or two, you can choose to buy them from their website. But if you want to wholesale to your shop for retail, you can choose a microfiber factory in China for customization. So you will ask, in selecting a microfibre factory, how to filter, first of all, the starting quantity. Generally, the larger factories have a higher starting quantity, ranging from 1000-5000, secondly, they support the customization of samples or give you the design of your ideal product, thirdly the delivery time, generally, the factory will deliver in 30 days in high season and 20 days in low season. Finally, they will give you customized packaging, choosing either simple packaging or delicate packaging according to your customer’s positioning. Some factories don’t actually play the role of an exporter, but still, act as a manufacturer and may not offer a bespoke packaging service. In this case, you first ask them what packaging is available and then send them pictures of the packaging you want and ask if it is available.

Do you need to wash microfiber beach towels before use?

I will firmly say to you: Yes, you need to wash it properly with laundry detergent, because the beach in the factory production process will go through many procedures, from weaving dyeing drying cutting, and handling, a beach towel will have many procedures processing finally sea transport to the destination port, to the general agent and then to the wholesaler retailer. And in washing microfiber beach towels pay attention to the water temperature, never use hot water, below 60 degrees Celsius water temperature, and do not use softener and bleach, which will clog the microfiber pores, reducing the absorbency of microfiber.

Can beach towels go in the dryer?

Low-temperature drying is possible, but not high-temperature drying. It is advisable to take them out to dry after washing.

The advantage of microfiber beach towel


  • Superfine fabric, soft and skin-friendly, fast absorbing
  • Quick drying and sand resistant. Quick drying, sand resistant, no sand sticking even when wet.
  • Compact and lightweight. Compact and lightweight for travel, beaches, pools, camping and all other outdoor activities.
  • Unique button for easy access to water (no button for extra large sizes).
  • The buckle is a unique design that can be worn over the shoulder for easy changing. Different prints on both sides
  • Different prints on both sides. Various sizes
  • Different sizes. Flexible lanyard for easy hanging.
  • Easy to hang. Waterproof pouch
  • Waterproof pouch. Machine washable, non-fading

How heavy is a Beach towel?

In general its 300gsm-500gsm, its basis on the beach towel size and GSM of a beach towel.

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Can you use vinegar to clean the microfiber beach towel?

You can add a little bit vinegar when you clean the microfiber beach towel, but pls remember just white vinegar. Ordinary detergents are fine, but be careful not to include bleach and softener ingredients in the detergent.





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