Is microfiber cloth good for car washing?

micorfiber towel for car

In general, cleaning the inside and outside of the car, keep it clean and hygienic is what we need to do during the current epidemic situation. For example, when we go out shopping, we will come into contact with a lot of bacteria from outside, and then drive home, contact family. During this period, our hands will touch the inside of the car. To protect our current safety and reduce the risks brought by the epidemic, it is necessary to regularly clean the interior and exterior of the car at any time. Pattex’s professional microfiber car cleaning cloth and towels provide your car with a highly absorbent, sterilizing, scratch-free, and strain-free. Microfiber cloth is good for car washing and protects the paint surface.

Pattex Textile professional microfiber glass cloths for windshield cleaning cloth

When we choose a cloth to wipe glass, window, the first point that we need to care about is that it will not cause scratches and is lint-free. Microfiber cloth just meets these features, because microfiber cloth is manually manufactured from polyurethane and nylon extracted from recycled plastics. Its diameter is less than ten microns, a microfiber thread is about one-fifth as thin as our hair, so the woven microfiber cloth can actually be observed under a magnifying glass, it being in the shape of chrysanthemum petals, soft, and every single thread is thin. There is a certain gap between the silk and other silks, which can effectively absorb fine dust through static electricity, and store the dust in the gap, unlike cotton cloth that pushes the dust, leaving a pile of dust marks at the end.

Choosing a microfiber cleaning cloth is an effective car cleaning tool. The following is a specific Car Cleaning Cloths for wiping car glass.

Car Cleaning Cloths

As a manufacturer, Pattex Textile often called Microfiber KTL Cloth internally. This type of cloth is made up of neat and orderly rows of terry loops, because of the multifunctional nature of the cloth, it can be used to wipe glass, furniture, kitchen, can effectively and quickly dry, and absorb moisture.

The appearance of this kind of cloth is composed of small diamond-shaped blocks. It is mainly a special cloth for cleaning glass. Do not use the window or glass cloth to clean or dry the tires, engine, or chassis of the car, because there is a lot of sand on the tires of the car, the engine will have oil stains, if just clean whole car just use one piece of microfiber cloth, it will cause scratches on the glass or increase oil stains.

This cloth is an artificial suede cloth, with a good polished and protective mirror surface, but it is cheap and popular with customers. It can be used for wiping the internal windshield, special sunglasses when driving, please classify and arrange the car wiping cloths in different areas. If you are interested in Pattex Textile Microfiber Suede Cloth, just contact us directly.

Usually, Pattex Textile recommends this kind of cloth to cleaning the car surface or interior seats, but you’d better not to use this cloth to cleaning the glass, it may leave water stains, and the above microfiber cloth will not leave water stains.

Microfiber Wash Car Chenille mitts are the best tools to use when washing a car and get a lot of foam on the car surface. It is convenient to wear on the hand, has a large area of contact, and has a long suede surface that protects the paint surface.


Microfiber Drying Towel

Microfiber drying towels are the safest, softest, and highest quality with super absorbency for drying your car.

It is a heavy towel, highly absorbent, this is the best towel for polishing high-end cars, removing wax from car paint surfaces, and drying.

If you want to quickly dry the water on the car, or wipe the stains on the car after the rain, you can choose the Pattex Textile towel.

A customer favorite towel for quick cleaning of wax from paint, bird droppings on windows or bodywork, sealants, and more. It has a very good effect on polishing car paint and metal at the handle. This towel is specially used by car dealers to polish the wheel well and the logo on the car. The long hair side can wipe dust, and the short hair side can be used for clean tiny stuff.

Pattex Textile Marks:

  • Machine wash with mild liquid detergent (do not use bleach and softener).
  • Do not wash with hot water or iron.
  • Do not use any fabric softener as this will clog the microfibers and reduce performance.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach. Wash separately to avoid wiping the engine towel or the towel washing of the body and the windshield from mutual contamination.

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