Is It Worth Buying Apple Polishing Cloth

microfiber cloth vs apple polish cloth

Recently, the apple polishing cloth has ignited the passion of many Apple fans at once. Of course, there are also people here who say it is a stupid tax. To this end, I specially prepared an Apple polishing cloth priced at 20.78USD (with tax), a microfiber screen cloth that cost less than 10 dollars, and 10 dollars for 6 pieces. Let’s have a look at the apple polishing cloth, which main components are nylon and polyurethane. Eh, this makes me shout, it is indeed the marketing giant Apple. Open the package of Apple’s polishing cloth, we can see an instruction manual, to the effect that it can be applied to all Apple products, including the expensive nano-textured screen of course. For difficult-to-remove stains, use a 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) solution. Propanol (IPA) solution. Here is a popular science about isopropyl alcohol, which is a common solvent in life. I searched a lot on the shopping platform. In short, it is used for the decontamination of lenses. The price of this 20.78 dollars apple polishing cloth is almost worth my one-day salary. When I get it, I just think, such an expensive cloth, maybe it should be used for some professional equipment, such as aerospace, astronomical telescope, Medical treatment… However, the explanation given by Apple is: for all Apple electronic devices. Suddenly I felt like I didn’t deserve it.

apple polishing cloth
cut apple polishing cloth

When I got the apple polishing cloth in my hand, I felt it was very thick. I weighed it specially. The weight of the apple cloth was 11g. To be more delicate. The general glasses cloth is about 5-6g, and it will feel a little dry. Apple’s polishing cloth is actually more like a microfiber suede cloth. Let’s compare the difference between apple polishing cloth and microfiber suede cloth.

weight of apple polishing cloth

Under the microscope, the fibers in the polishing cloth of the apple are intricate and chaotic, and the logo printing of the apple is relatively smooth. Generally, the microfiber suede cloth is evenly arranged under the microscope.

apple polishing cloth

The Apple polishing cloth was not sold separately at first but came with the PRO DISPLAY XDR. Now it can be sold separately, which is convenient for those who buy the PRO DISPLAY XDR, and then talk about the nano-texture etched on the glass with nano-level technology, all in order to disperse the optical fiber and minimize glare, Apple’s dense polishing of this fiber The screen can be wiped well with a cloth, and the effective area in contact with the surface of the nano-textured glass will be larger. Now Apple can sell it separately because it is convenient for users who have lost the polishing cloth to get a new one. Of course, I think it can make a lot of money by the way.

In fact, the price of the polishing cloth for cleaning the lens is not very low, but this Apple polishing cloth is more suitable for users who buy PRO Display XDR. If you are an ordinary user of a matte screen, you should not buy this cloth. Here you may Just buy an Apple logo. The general microfiber glasses cloth has achieved the cleaning effect very well. Here I recommend the cost-effective microfiber suede cloth. It has various colors and does not lint-free. It can be used many times.

microfiber suede cloth use

Finally, we asked the customer service how to clean the apple polishing cloth, and he said that it can be used with water and mild detergent, and let dry naturally. After hearing this, I would like to emphasize that this cleaning cloth is still recommended for those users who buy PRO Display XDR or photographers who have various expensive lenses. The real stupid tax is those who you don’t need and who buy it for the brand, Of course, if you feel comfortable buying 20 dollars y then there is no problem. It is more difficult to buy yourself happiness if you have more money, so I advise everyone to consume rationally and choose the one that suits you.


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