Is A Microfiber Towel Good for Face?

makeup remover cloth

With the progress of society and the increasing improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more attention to the environmental sanitation of family, work, and personal surroundings, so wiping cloths have received more and more attention as one of the cleaning tools. Microfiber towels are widely used in all aspects of life and work because of their unique deep cleaning, high water absorption, and antibacterial properties. I often see many people recommending using a microfiber towel to wipe the face on the Internet. For this situation, I prefer using a professional microfiber towel as a makeup remover wipe. Most of us remove makeup and basically choose makeup remover and oil. , Makeup remover to remove makeup, if you need a better mild effect, add some lotion to prevent dry skin after makeup removal. During this period, some girls will choose makeup remover wipes. The special packaging of makeup remover wipes requires preservatives or alcohol. Using makeup remover wipes it easy to irritate the skin. Whether you have sensitive skin or dry skin, long-term use of makeup remover wipes will cause damage to the skin. Therefore, it is very important to choose a makeup remover wipe. The microfiber makeup remover is made of environmentally friendly microfiber fabric and special processing technology. It is soft and comfortable to wipe on your face. It can be used with makeup remover to remove makeup and sunscreen on the face. Some people will propose a disposable face towel, here we analyze the ingredients of the face towel. The face towel is made of non-woven fabric, pulp, and fiber material. Disposable face wipes are soft for the hands, but they’re not soft for the face. We use disposable face wipes to wipe it on a smooth acrylic surface, and there will be a lot of scratches. You can imagine If the surface of the acrylic were your face, how much damage would your face take. 


Moreover, disposable face wipes can only clean the surface of the skin, cannot clean the pores, and then wipe the face with disposable face wipes, but excessive cleaning will cause sensitive skin. Disposable face wipes do not have the ability to clean pores without microfiber makeup remover. If you want to change makeup remover products, it is recommended to use professional microfiber makeup remover to remove makeup. , Because of the strong water absorption capacity of the microfiber towel, it can quickly absorb the moisture on the surface of our body, so that if the skin is not wiped with body lotion or cream in time, the skin will be very dry and the body will be static. Here, some friends ask us, what kind of towel do we choose to wipe the face and body, the first choice is the bamboo fiber towel. Nowadays, the bamboo fiber towel will add cotton, which will not cause dry skin after wiping the body. If you are interested in fiber products, feel free to contact me. Our company has recently produced bamboo fiber towels, which are very popular among cross-border e-commerce and buyers.

We have finished the above part about towels, and then I will talk about the classification of cleaning cloths

Best microfiber cloth for dusting

Equipment in the different industry of life, especially precision instruments, need better cleaning, so people start to pay more attention to the functional application of commodities while meeting basic needs. In this case, microfiber, a differentiated fiber with superior performance, was successfully developed and applied to wiping cloths. Regarding cleaning and dust removal, what are the different types of microfiber cleaning cloths?

1. Household cleaning cloth

Generally, we choose household cleaning cloth, which can easily clean all kinds of dead corners inside and outside the home. When wiping the desktop, the general-purpose cleaning cloth can directly absorb the dust on the cloth, so that the dust will not fall on the ground, and it will not cause dust to hurt our respiratory tract.


the hair falling on the floor

It can easily collect the hair falling on the floor, and of course, the problem of pet hair loss at home can be easily solved.

Microfiber cleaning cloth is super absorbent!

Place a regular rag and a microfiber cleaning cloth in two bowls with 500ml of water.

It can be clearly seen that the water absorption speed and water absorption capacity of the cloth are amazing!

The microfiber cleaning cloth is very soft and suitable for utensils, furniture, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, without worrying about leaving scratches.

2. Mirror cleaning clothMicrofiber Suede Cloth

Usually, we will prepare two wet and dry cloth for cleaning the glass and mirror, and the microfiber cleaning cloth- Microfiber Suede Cloth for mirror cleaning is done!

Spray the cleaning liquid on the mirror, ordinary rags will wipe out a lot of water stains, and the Microfiber Suede Cloth will be bright and clean after one wipe.

The microfiber suede cloth is delicate and smooth, so it is suitable for glass, eyes, camera lenses and other materials.

microfiber suede cloth use

3.Kitchen cleaning clothMicrofiber Corn Kernel Cloth

The kitchen cleaning cloth is thicker than ordinary rags and can be used on both sides. Ordinary rags are too thin and will be penetrated by heavy oil stains. Use the kitchen cleaning cloth of the special kitchen to wipe the deposited thick sauce, and it is relatively small, easy to hang, and good-looking.Usually, to remove stubborn stains, we will use steel wool, but this will damage the life of the kitchen and bathroom. With a kitchen, a rusted stainless steel cooktop can be wiped bright and scratch-free with just a little force.

microfiber corn kernel cloth

4.Microfiber cloth for car cleaningCobra Microfibre Cloth/Microfibre Coral Fleece Towel

Some car beauty salon owners are easy to use a low-quality rag in car wash towels to save on car wash costs. When I see my car, it is very uncomfortable to be wiped by an inferior towel

When it comes to car wash tools, the usage rate of car wash cloth or towels are pretty much

So how can you choose a good car washcloth or towel?

 First of all, you should choose a soft material for car wiping, and try to choose microfiber. The special microfiber cloth towel for car wiping can meet this point, even if the microfiber cloth or towel is used for a long time, it will not hurt the car.
Choose a car cleaning cloth or towel that does not shed lint. If the cloth or towel is easy to shed lint, then after wiping the car, the surface of the car is full of fine fibers, which is counter productive; here we recommend: suede microfiber towel. Braided cloth towel.
The water absorption should be strong. After washing the car, there are many water droplets left on the car. Towels with poor water absorption not only cannot effectively absorb these water droplets, but the drier the towel, the greater the damage to the car paint.

Car and home dual-use │ microfiber absorbent towel

It will not be deformed or faded after repeated washing, even if it is not dried after use. Also will not mold, rot has a long life. Comfortable touch, high appearance.

Affinity to human skin

It’s soft and skin-friendly, and it’s very comfortable to hold in the hand

Not only for car wash

Use it to wash your face, wipe your body, it’s comfortable

Tested by authoritative certification bodies

And no toxic chemicals, no odor

It is a Class A infant safety level, and it is very safe to use

cloth for car

And the loop is flat, looking neat and comfortable.

Many high-end beauty shops use this towel.

Double-needle seam, strong and durable

Whether it’s washing the car or cleaning the table at home.

There are several streets where ordinary towels are thrown out.

The size of the cloth or towel we can customize.

Weight: 260-700gsm

No damage to car paint, strong vacuuming, durable

Thickened design, super absorbent

No hair loss after repeated use.

Ordinary towels can only be used with water

But this fine fiber towel has a low density and strong stain removal

Can effectively capture fine dust particles

The effect of decontamination and oil removal is still very obvious.

Use it to wipe wet arms

Quick-dry in one pass

We prepare about 200ML of water

After putting the towel in, the water will be sucked dry immediately

When used to wipe watermarks on car paint

With the help of the capillary wick effect, it can quickly absorb water and dry

The thickened design makes this towel durable

Longer service life than ordinary towels.

Even after washing the car, the towel is full of stains

Just wash with water or a little detergent.

micorfiber towel for car

And the strength of the fine fiber is high and the toughness is strong

Pull hard on both sides, and there will be no obvious deformation.

The hair loss rate is close to 0, and it is specially used to stick it with strong glue

Not even a tiny fluff

This Microfiber Super Absorbent Towel

In addition to the usual car wash, it can also be used at home

For example: wiping the glass or sofa at home.

Thickened design super absorbent

No damage to car paint, strong vacuuming, durable.

microfiber towel absorb water

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