How to Judge the Quality of Microfiber Towels

microfiber towel

Due to the huge market prospects microfiber towels, currently found in the market, some manufacturers actually incorporate a lot of eye-lun cotton or microfiber fabric imitation charge, seriously affecting the interests of consumers want long-term management of the distribution Suppliers will cause great damage to reputation.

To this end, we must learn how to identify true and false microfiber.Here engineers introduce to you an easy way to judge Microfiber Towels.

Multi purpose microfiber cloth

1. Hand Touch Method.

Good quality fine microfiber feels soft, sticky feel (microfiber can feel the skin tiny burrs). London eye doped product feels no sticky feel, a little harder feel and flexible, just like the kind of eye-lun usually sell sports clothes (now less commonly used, mainly in the poverty and backwardness of rural markets); doped feels cotton products no sticky feel, feel a bit like cotton towels.

2 Use Act.

Good quality microfiber towel to wash your face, such as facial scrub after wringing will not drag obviously feel, great resistance (ultra-fine fibers can penetrate into the pores of internal friction is too large towel to dry. Incorporation this time there will be no clear sense of ethics or cotton eye product.

3 Check the Water Absorption.

You can do a simple test, pour several water on the table, respectively, for the several absorbent towel test, good quality and fast absorbent microfiber towel addition, several other less water absorption is slower. As we produce super microfiber towel can last up to six months or more at least absorbent. The picture on the right is our Pattex Textile Microfiber Bath Towel, if you like it, you can click to view the detailed parameters of the product

To compare the absorbency of a microfiber towel with a high-quality cotton cut pile towel. The fabric structures of both were tested and analyzed. On this basis, a professional test was carried out on the capillary effect and settling time of microfiber towels and pure cotton towels. The test results are shown in the table.



Microfiber Towel

Cotton Towel

Types of Textile Fibres




Type of Yarn

Textured yarns

Single yarn

Fabric Type



Weave of Fabric

Warp knitted terry fabric

Terry Pile Structure








Wicking Effect/cm

Settling Time




Microfiber Towel





Cotton Towel





The table microfiber towel is made of superfine polyester textured yarn as raw material. Knitted fabric with warp terry weave. The traditional cotton towel is a woven fabric with a towel structure and the thickness of the ultra-fine polyester fiber towel is relatively close to that of the cotton towel. But the capillary effect is quite different. The water absorption height of  polyester fiber towels is more than 5 times that of pure cotton towels! Especially in the initial stage of water absorption. The superfine polyester fiber towel absorbs water very quickly, and its water absorption speed is more than 10 times that of a pure cotton towel. The difference in settling time is even greater. The ultra-fine polyester fiber towel begins to settle within 10 seconds after being placed on the water surface. And the cotton towel has not settled yet. Only partially soaked. It can be seen that the water absorption of ultra-fine polyester fiber towels is much better than that of pure cotton towels.

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