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Many dog lovers have a hard time bathing their beloved dogs. They don’t like bathing and don’t even cooperate. Even if they are aggressive with the master bathing, they still mess in the bathroom. If they don’t dry the dog, the dog will throw water all over. This is where microfibre dog towels can come in handy. Microfibre towels can dry dogs quickly. With their soft, antibacterial, and abrasion resistance, they are the material of choice for dog towels. Suppose you are a trader, wholesaler, or retail shop owner and want to wholesale a custom batch of dog towels. How do you find a reliable dog towel factory? So the question follows, do you want to find a quality dog towel factory, and what do you know about imported dog towels? I will give you the answer in this article.


How do you find a dog towel supplier?

Firstly do you need to find a trader or a factory? Generally, traders have more towel suppliers on hand. They can offer a wide range of different patterns of towels, but the prices will be higher than those from factories. How do you find a dog towel supplier?

There are several ways to do this, as follows.

  1. Google search, it is best to search for terms like dog towel + factory
  2. Alibaba there are many suppliers and traders on Alibaba. Nowadays, a lot of data can be brushed out often you see a lot of purchases, not necessarily an accurate transaction record. It takes a lot of time to screen a good merchant. Suppose you are a customer looking for low prices and ignoring quality. In that case, you may look for Alibaba merchants whose prices are meager.
  3. MIC is somewhat similar to Alibaba. Still, MIC advertises itself as a supplier only, and their screening requires an additional process than Ali would. But their prices for merchants are higher, and the wool comes out of the sheep’s back in the end.
  4. friends recommended or introduced, this requires a very high threshold, your business scope is vast, and there are such friends in the previous to help you mine, will give you some good advice.
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How do you import dog towels?

How do you import dog towels?

In a series of supplier screening and price negotiations, Importer [Importer]: the importer is the United States government authorized, with the United States import qualification of trading companies or individuals. Consignee [Consignee]: the Consignee refers to the consignment of goods to the end, the need to sign in the consignee section of the waybill link a natural person or a company. The Consignee is a natural person or company responsible for filling out the customs declaration and paying customs duties and other clearance fees when the goods are shipped to the US Customs. If the Consignee’s invoice is complete, the consignment will usually be released within a week. Still, if your declaration is not approved by US Customs or the information you provide must be fixed, your goods may be detained or returned to China.

Choice of raw material for dog towels

Most of the towels we humans usually use for ourselves are made of cotton, or some people prefer bamboo fiber. Cotton towels will wipe most of the moisture from the skin, leaving a small amount of water on the skin’s surface without being too dry for the skin to adjust to. Bamboo fiber is praised by many for its superior anti-bacterial properties and its softness. But if it is your favorite dog, cotton towels are obviously not suitable because they will only partially absorb the moisture from the dog. If you choose bamboo towels, the cost is too high. The fatal disadvantage of bamboo towels is that they are not wear-resistant and easy to delaminate. Then the most suitable is the microfibre towel. Because of its orange flap-type structure, it can store a lot of moisture and dirt, resistance ability, and quick drying ability of good performance, especially in the price as a dog towel raw material of the king of cost performance.

The best choice of the towel for your dog's bath

This wearable dog towel can be used as a bathrobe for your dog after a bath. This towel is suitable for smaller dogs;. However, we customize any size at our factory; larger dogs will not be able to ring your dog when you put this bathrobe on. So for small dogs, this bath towel will wrap around their body perfectly. We have made it from 350 GSM microfiber material with a soft feel for a durable towel, a wrap-around waistband, with an adhesive style to secure the towel to the body. It can be used as a mackintosh for rainy days and won’t get your dog wet.

Dog towel with pockets

This towel has a chenille fabric on the front or, as some customers say, a woolly worm fabric. Initially used for wiping cars, this towel fabric has been used for dog towels because of its excellent water absorption capacity. The average pocket-sized chenille towel is 320g. The microfibre can absorb up to seven times its weight in water, so over 2kg of water can be absorbed perfectly into the towel. And the pocket design makes it easy to dry your dog’s face, ears, and tail. The dog towel not only dries wet dogs but also cleans their dog paws and paws.

After using the dog towel, you should wash the towel in time, just put it in a ventilated place and blow dry, do not wash the dog towel with your clothes; wash the dog towel separately.

We have carefully looked at customer feedback for the pocket stitching of the dog towel; we have used a reinforced thread treatment, so you don’t have to poke holes at the pockets from rubbing hard.

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Dual Pile Dog Towel

This is the most durable, convenient, and versatile dog towel that has received rave reviews from our customers. Soft and fast absorbing, the lightweight towel can be taken on trips and used as a blanket for your dog after drying.

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