Custom Microfiber Products

We know you want to customize your microfiber cleaning products, customize your personalized microfiber cleaning cloths, choose the color, shape, size, and weight freely, then match the appropriate packaging, logo label customization, and a personalized product is produced.

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A Variety of Fabrics are Available

We have more than 1000+ different microfiber fabrics to choose, whether they are the most popular fabrics on the market or some specialty fabrics, you can find them at Pattex Textile.

Now we have different areas of microfiber fabric, there are targeted car dry and cleaning, office or home cleaning, glass polishing, sports series, hair drying, pet series. We welcome you to customize your branded microfiber products, and we are committed to continuously exploring and improving our products for a wider range of applications.

Microfiber fabric


Once you have selected the fabric, you need to determine which edge finish to choose. We have ultrasonic cutting, cover edge, overlock edge, and hemming edge for you. Towels are woven with microfiber, and after they are cut by machine to the desired shape, their ends or edges will wear out and spread out, and in order to keep the original shape of the towel, the edges need to be fixed again, so there are different ways of edge treatment.

Same Color Cover Edge

Same Color Cover Edge

Different Color Cover Edge

Different Color Cover Edge

Microfiber cloth overlock

Different Color Overlock Edge



We support the service of customizing any color, just give us the color you want Pantone code, or send us more than 10*10cm size fabric of that color fabric, and we can produce the corresponding color, and  send it to you for confirmation.

Customized brand exclusive

Custom Your Label

Textile Label
You Should Know

Textiles must be labeled to clearly identify the composition and content of all textile fibers used, the fabric should be marked with at least one of the main specifications of the product, the product should be expressed in accordance with the graphic symbols GB/T 8685 maintenance methods can be added to the graphic symbols corresponding to the descriptive text. When Graphic symbols do not meet the needs, the text can be used to explain

Woven Label

Woven Label

  • No discoloration.
  • Dry cleaning, washing, and iron are available.
  • Easier to show the brand.


Wash Label

  • Clear printing.
  • Resistant to dry cleaning, washing and ironing.
  • Good toughness, not easy to tear.
  • Low cost.
  • With a long time to wash, there will be color loss phenomenon
Wash Label

Custom Your Logo on Microfiber Product


Affixed Cloth Embroidered

This kind of custom logo is suitable for some microfiber products with a not-too-flat surface, such as chenille fabric.  When you want to get an embroidered logo, first, cut the applique fabric according to the pattern requirements. Then you can also pad the cotton and other things between the applique and embroidery surface to make the pattern bulge and have a three-dimensional feeling.After the applique is done, then embroider the logo that the customer wants.

Embroider Logo


Machine embroidery is with the bottom line, embroidery thread is more solid, durable, repeatedly wash, and not easy to damage.

Emboss Logo


Embossing is more suitable for leather, the logo has a more three-dimensional sense, while the embossing process on textiles, after a long time of washing, embossing will gradually become blurred.

Custom Your Packaging

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We offer tailored services,constantly optimize or replace product lines to follow end of the market’ preferences

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