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How to Find A Dog Towel Supplier

Many dog lovers have a hard time bathing their beloved dogs. They don’t like bathing and don’t even cooperate. Even if they are aggressive with the master bathing, they still mess in

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Notes on Buying Microfiber Cloths

In the market, the most common microfiber cleaning cloth we see is the one for polishing, stain removal, wiping the object’s surface with a cleaning solution, and so on. But with professional

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makeup remover cloth

Is A Microfiber Towel Good for Face?

With the progress of society and the increasing improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more attention to the environmental sanitation of family, work, and personal surroundings, so wiping cloths have received

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The knowledge of Microfiber Cloth

Facebook-f Twitter Instagram 1. What is microfiber Microfiber is a synthetic fiber of polyester and nylon (polyamide) used to make fabrics. Its components are respectively 80% Polyester / 20% Nylon, 70% Polyester

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