Are Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Good for Cleaning Glass?

Microfiber Diamond Cloth

In our daily life, we enjoy our leisure time on weekends and do some housework. Sometimes, we all have a problem with cleaning the glass, but in most cases, the more we clean the glass, the dirtier it is. Have you ever had a similar thing happen to you? So, it is very important to choose a suitable tool for cleaning glass. Someone asked whether microfiber is good for cleaning glass. My answer is yes, that microfiber cleaning cloth is very suitable for cleaning glass, wiping windows. Microfiber cleaning cloth is highly absorbent and lint-free. The particles on the surface to be wiped are sucked into the fiber gaps instead of pushing objects like a cotton rag. The microfiber cleaning cloth is very helpful for cleaning glass, and it can also polish the surface of the glass. Now we also subdivide the microfiber Professional glass cleaning cloth, the following are our recommendations

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber cleaning cloth is widely loved by users because of its super-strong ability to absorb dirt and is easy to clean. But different ultra-fine cleaning cloths also correspond to different application scenarios, so how to choose the most cost-effective microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe our glass? Here are the instructions for the cleaning cloth:

3M Microfiber Pearl Cloth

The pattern of this 3m pearl cloth is the small round dots are neatly arranged in rows, and the cloth is soft to the touch. Suitable for cleaning glass, screen, mobile phone.


  • Soft, easy to clean, no lint, no water stains.

  • Small size, easy to carry.

  • Pearl cloth weaving technology, can wipe out screen grease.


  • Weight is limited.

Microfiber Suede Cloth

The surface of this fabric has a thin layer of velvety when to the touch. It is specially sanded during processing, and the contact area of the surface area is increased. It is suitable for wiping eyes, screens, glass, cars, and shoes.


  • Softly, wipe the surface of the object without leaving water stains.

  • Easy to clean without spinning, strong degreasing ability, surface polishing

  • Wet and dry dual-use


  • Slight shedding

Microfiber Diamond Cloth

Microfiber diamond cloth is essentially a microfiber material, but its surface is designed in the style of a fish scale grid, so while maintaining the advantages of strong water absorption and no hair loss, it is an affordable alternative to Spiegelau cloth with stronger friction.


  • Repeated friction without spinning, wear-resistant

  • Good water absorption, clean glass, are the first choice for tableware


  • Wipe tableware should be changed regularly, and it can be washed five hundred times.

Microfiber Polishing Cloth

The surface of the microfiber polishing cloth is smooth and delicate, and the side of the cloth is relatively bright. It is generally used to wipe the surface of the glass, windows, stoves, and other glass. When applying, it should be dipped in water or vinegar for cleaning, which can remove the surface stains, oil, etc.


The weaving of the polishing cloth increases the contact surface for wiping the oil on the surface

  • Soft and shiny, no lint

  • Super absorbent


  • Lightweight, if you need a heavy cleaning cloth, you can choose the universal version

Microfiber Silk Cloth

This kind of cloth is softer than the above cloths. It is a special cloth for wiping glasses and lenses. Because of the special manufacturing process, this kind of cloth is time-consuming on the loom.


  • Soft and lightweight

  • No hair loss, wipe the lens to remove surface bacteria


  • Higher than others cloth

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