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"Pattex Textile helps wholesalers and brand owners fulfill their Microfiber Cloths by top-end turnkey manufacturing."

Since the beginning of microfiber fabrics, microfiber cloths can be used as cleaning cloths, towels or hair wraps without losing their integrity or causing harm to the environment. The feature of our microfiber products gives us the strength to unveil its strong cleaning ability, good water absorption quality, and make it ideal for cleaning products.

Whether you’re striving to find amazing microfiber car cleaning cloth, pet towels or kitchen cloths, some innovative towels for sports, or some cleaning cloths for industrial application—microfiber cloth and towel is a perfect choice. It’s eco-friendly, classic, cost-effective, and durable.

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As bacteria and viruses increase, prevention at the virus source is now the goal. Microfiber cleaning is one of the fabrics with the best antibacterial ability and cost-effective performance. Pattex textile constantly develops new cleaning cloth, which are applied to different scenes in life.

It’s hard to know who you can trust with your business. We know this, and we always try to help you, with our heart and leading-edge craftsmanship. Take a deeper look into our story.

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We sincerely serve every customer, through our professional ability to constantly improve the solution, we have the heart of continuous innovation. 

At the same time, I hope that we can keep a good relationship with our partner as suppliers, constantly improve product experience, help each other and expand market share  

Why Choose Pattex Textile?

Most buyers would like to buy microfiber products directly from the manufacturer, not a trader, compare to the trader, the manufacturer will be more professional and more sensitive to product changes in the market. We serve multiple Amazon stores, different types of dealers, and supermarket chains, and we know what buyers care about.

We provide more options for product customization and various packaging design template and more logistic solutions for shipments in different quantities.

We have a 1500-square-meter self-owned warehouse with more than 10 years of experience as workers, and multiple quality inspection procedures, we guarantee that every microfiber product will satisfy you.

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Our equipment adopts two advanced technologies of compact spinning and vortex spinning. The equipment has good compatibility, stable yarn production, and precise motion control performance without adjusting existing processes or parameters. The fiber has excellent spinning efficiency and spinnability, and the obtained yarn has excellent uniformity and strength.

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Our technical and factory team provides a product solution to support you in defining your cleaning cloth cleaning towel project, and to ensure that our products meet your requirements, which guarantees our common success.
We provide one-stop packaging services, quality inspection and production team for more than 14 years of research in the ultra-fiber cleaning cloth industry.


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